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The Numbers

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The Numbers - A simple but addictive game with many names ("number", "digits", "seeds", "nine", etc.).Previously, it was played in the classroom on a sheet in the box, but now you can play your phone.The goal: to remove all the numbers from the field, crossing out just the same, or those that provide a total of 10. You can cross out just standing next to a number or numbers at the end of one line and the beginning of the next. If between the numbers is empty, then they too are standing side by side.The game has 3 game modes, standard, starting with random numbers and landscape mode.There is a night mode with a dark theme design.TIPS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE SETTINGS!!!!
How to play:1) You can cross off any two identical or giving in the sum 10 figures standing next to the horizontal or vertical.2) You can delete the last number in the string with the first in the next line, if they give the same or in the sum 10.3) You can delete last and first cross out numbers in the field, if they give the same or in the sum 10.4) The numbers that have been deleted are no longer counted. For example, a 1 x x 1, where x - deleted number. It is considered that 1 a stand at the side and you can delete (rule is both horizontally and vertically).5) The statistics show the number of remaining moves. Such as 5734 - is one stroke, 57334 - a 2-way (73 and 33), the same as vertically. If the pair between the numbers vertically and horizontally no other figures, the couple is treated as a two stroke.6) For 100 erased numbers (50 pairs) have 1 bonus. 7) can be exchanged for bonus tip (highlighted the first possible turn if no moves left, the bonus is not used), or replace the number on the field.Price tips - 1 bonusPrice change - 2 bonuses8) If there are no more moves, click on Add Lines, all numbers are automatically rewritten down and you can continue to play.
Analogue Numberama for iPhone
Features:NO ADSLandscape modeNight modeBONUSESThe regime of random numbersAutomatic saving gamesThe menu is flipping the screen to the right or by clicking the "menu" for your smartphoneHelp is available and the current account of flipping the screen to the left, or via the menuAdding lines to a long press on any numberUndo the course